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Release question...


I haven't used this site in so long... I'm surprised I remembered my password.  Hopefully the SSDT isn't bogged down by RITA and their new specs.  I visited their website and it looked like they wanted to see city tax records that "should be" withheld :-).... that's THEIR words... not mine/ours.  "Should be"... gotta love it, hate it or just kind of shake your head in dis-belief.

Anywho... that raises the question on the "target date" of the December 2016 release.  I'm guessing/hoping it will be here... within the next week... just wondering.

asked December 6, 2016 10:29 AM


1 Answer


Yes, we have been communicating quite a bit with RITA (and CCA to a lesser extent). We've completed changes for both under jira issue USPSV-1866. The change was prompted by some language in house bill 5 and the gist of the change is that now if an employee reports to either RITA or CCA on one (or more) city records all of that employee's city withholding information (including for non-cca / rita cities) will be sent to the reporting agency. There is some further details that both ITCs and districts will have to be aware of such as a required initialization program that will have to be run after the release is applied and some potential data entry, but we will detail all of this in the release notes. 

The release is scheduled for this Friday 12-9-2016. We just received the early release version of the federal withholding tables and are working today to get these in the release as well. Hopefully they'll make the cutoff, but if not we will oops them shortly thereafter. We will make sure the release notes document if the tax table changes are included.


answered December 6, 2016 11:34 AM

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