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Direct Deposit split between savings and checking. Savings was returned.


What is the best method to get the employee the money that was returned due to savings account being closed.  I can't void the entire direct deposit, I just need to get her the portion that was returned and is now sitting in our payroll account.  I can't electronically transfer it because our A-site is the pass-through account holder.

We still use Reflections.  We will give her a manual check, but should I use Handck to record that check number into our system?  If so, do I enter it as a dummy check?
asked February 28, 2019 01:50 PM


1 Answer

In order to give this money back to the employee, they will need to be setup as a vendor in
USAS. You will want to use the next available payroll physical check
number for the check. The check status should be set to "P" for paid. You
can then use the HANDCK.TXT file that is created (or the HANDCK.DAT file
if customization is required etc.) for printing purposes.

This check will never appear on ERNREG etc.
As it is not associated with the employee in the payroll system.
The district will want to keep good notes detailing why this check was created.

answered February 28, 2019 02:01 PM

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