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Void/reissue refund check from a prior fiscal year



How do you void a refund check from the prior fiscal year?  It needs to be re-issued as well.

asked July 29, 2013 02:58 PM


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In this case of a refund check, if the check was mailed out and had not cleared the bank, the district needs to stop payment on the check and follow the procedure in the USAS User Guide on how to void a check from a prior fiscal year.  The procedure is as follows:

1. A check issued in the prior fiscal year should NEVER be voided.

2.  The check should be reconciled (as if it had cleared the bank) using the RCNCLE program.

3. Money should be receipted into the fund originally used for the refund using USASWEB/Receipt. When receipting the money in USASWEB/Receipt, use the 5300 receipt code - Refund of Prior Year's Expenditure.

4.If the check needs to be reissued, create a USASWEB/Refund (select check option). When processing the refund, use the 5300 receipt code.   To print off the check, use CHKSEQ – option 2 – to generate the check print file.

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