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Removing eliminated functions from USAS



I remember seeing an email from you on account codes that said something like when Period H is closed SSDT will be sending an OOPS that will remove some of the eliminated functions from USAS.  I do have some schools that decided not to make the function changes until school opened this year.  If my thought is correct I will need to make sure that all the districts have ran the ACTCHG program.

Am I dreaming?

asked September 16, 2013 08:25 AM


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You are correct that the eliminated codes will be removed after Period H is over.  We will not do this until the December release.  When codes are eliminated, it only prevents the code from being used to create new accounts.  It does not prevent already existing accounts with those codes from being used.  Therefore, it is not imperative that the districts run ACTCHG to change their accounts before the functions are removed in December.  However the codes will be considered invalid for fy '14 EMIS reporting, and so they will need to run ACTCHG sometime before the end of the fiscal year.  They will also not be able to create any new accounts using the removed functions after the December release has been installed.
answered September 16, 2013 08:29 AM

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