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How can I clean up a Warning No SERS 590 or 690 record for 400 on the CALCERR report?


"Warning No SERS 590 or 690 record for 400 for job 00"

I know what this warning pertains to but in this districts scenario they have both the employee and the board share on the 400 DEDSCN record. They do not have a 590 DEDSCN because the employee share is not annuitized.

In this case is there no way to clean-up the warning message the district is receiving?  They will just need to ignore which is what I think.
asked September 16, 2013 01:37 PM


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Changes were made to the software in December 2012--

CALCPAY: Give warning if no 590/690 for 400 or 591/691 for 450-

A warning message will appear in the error report when running
CALCPAY if there is no active 590 or 690 for a 400 (SERS) employee
or there is no active 591 or 691 for a 450 (STRS) employee. This is only
a warning because sometimes a 400 or 450 doesn’t have a 590/690 or
591/691. But most of the time there should be a 590 and/or 690 for a 400.
And if there is a 450, there generally should be a 591 and/or 691

The district can either ignore these warnings messages, or f they want they could create the respective 590/591 DEDSCN records with a blank percentage by using the MASCHG/MASADD option. This would then eliminate the error from being produced each time CALCPAY is ran and if there is a zero amt/percentage on the 590/591 record no annuitized retirement would be withheld from the employee.

answered September 16, 2013 01:44 PM

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