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Why am I getting a "Pay date not selected for reporting. Checks on file have not been reported" error when running RETIRE/STRSREG?



Every time I run RETIRE/STRSREG I get an STRS error for a particular employee

Ex.-: 076471   06/21/2013   INFORM: Pay date not selected for reporting.  Checks on file have not been reported
asked October 2, 2013 01:09 PM


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If this check has not been reported to STRS they can include the date in the RETIRE/STRSREG run so that it gets reported to STRS properly.

If the district had called  STRS  with the corrections for the individual that is producing the error when RETIRE/STRSREG is ran. The ITC can then use DTR in check history and set the retire flag for that particular pay check number for the employee showing that this has been reported to STRS. (RS) Once this has been done those errors will no longer appear on the report.

Here are the valid codes for the RETIRE_FLAG in check history

RN - Reportable, not yet reported
NN - Not reportable, not reported
RS - Reportable, sent to STRS
RV - Reportable, voided check amount
RU - Reportable, unvoided check
RR - Reportable, resubmitted
answered October 2, 2013 01:14 PM

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