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Is BENSCN needed to add ATDSCN data?


In working with Cincinnati Public Schools, they are considering housing their benefit balances in Kronos (their outside HR software).  Given the intricacies and various accrual rules at CPS, we feel that may be their best bet, as well.  However, they will still need to key absences on the ATDSCN in order to properly charge accounts out via LEVPRO.  Is the BENSCN completely necessary or can they still enter absences on ATDSCN without BENSCN being present?

Liz Dunn
asked February 13, 2014 04:41 PM


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Even though they are not going to be using the BENSCN for any reason a BENSCN would still need to be out there for the employee in order to post attendance in ATDSCN. What the district can do is mark the JOBSCN benefit fields accordingly. (Sick, Personal and Vacation) USPLOAD can be used for this. (You can use Safari to pull JOB_POSITION screen data in with the appropriate leave fields for loading using Safari.) Then update your spreadsheet accordingly and then use this to load the Sick, personal and vacation fields on JOBSCN


Then once this is done they can use this spreadsheet (adding the appropriate headers for BENSCN loading) for any employee that is eligible for any type of leave and actually put a balance of 9999.99 and a max of 9999.99 and then using USPLOAD load the data into the BENSCN. This will then allow them to enter in ATDSCN data, even though they will not be using the BENSCN for any other reason. The 9999.99 should definitely be a high enough number to allow ATDSCN entries for quite a long time.


If you have further questions let me know.



answered February 13, 2014 04:43 PM

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