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USPCHG OPTION 3 - Change Report to EMIS flag for jobs with separation date



I hope that someone can save me time testing USPCHG.  I'm wondering what criteria is used by USPCHG Option 3 to determine what records to mark "N" to report to EMIS.  There is no projection mode and I can't find documentation explaining how it determines what records to change. Is the position status used?  If so, what statuses are changed No to report to EMIS?  I tested it and found that if a demographic record is set to y to report to EMIS and the job is N to report to EMIS; the demographic record is changed to N to report to EMIS even if the job does not have a separation reason or date.  Is the reverse true?  If the job is Y and the bio N; is the job changed to N? In my test, I only expected one employee to change and several jobs were changed. 

Thanks for any answers!
Edited Mar 21, 2014 03:26 PM
asked March 12, 2014 02:55 PM


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When using option 3 of USPCHG, if the Separation date on the Job is less than or equal to the date the user entered when prompted by USPCHG, the "Report to EMIS" flag is set to N on the job. Position status is not used in any manner.

If all jobs for an employee are set to N for EMIS Reporting, USPCHG then sets the Report to EMIS flag on the Bio/Dem record to N (you need to report at least one CK-Job with a CI-Dem for EMIS reporting).

The opposite processing order is not done -- it does not set the Job report to EMIS flags to N if the Bio EMIS flag = N.
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answered March 18, 2014 10:07 AM

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