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"000" OPU validation for EMIS-R reporting



Can you explain what was meant by the "000" opu issue covered in the ITC fiscal year-end review webinar?
asked May 16, 2014 01:29 PM


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One of the validations ODE is adding for EMIS-R is that in the OPU master file (i.e., OPUEDT) the IRN for the “000” OPU has to equal the reporting district IRN.   It turns out that USAS has already been doing this validation in both OPUEDT and USAEMS for several  years, so districts should really not have any problem.  However, we skip the validation for ITC’s, because some have their records in with a fiscal agent’s files.  In that case, the “000” OPU would have the IRN of the fiscal agent, not the IRN of the ITC, which is going to cause an error when the ITC tries to report in EMIS-R. 


So, if your ITC has your own separate set of files, then all you need to do is check your “000” opu in OPUEDT and make sure that it contains the same IRN that you use for your EMIS-R reporting.   If you have a fiscal agent, then right now all of the other miscellaneous information is also getting reported as the information of the fiscal agent instead of the ITC’s actual information.  So what we are recommending in that case is that you take your USAEMS.SEQ file, import it into EMIS-FFE, change the IRN of the “000” OPU to your ITC IRN, and also clean up any of the other miscellaneous information to report your own information instead of your fiscal agent information.  Then export it back out of EMIS-FFE and load into the data collector.   There are other ways this could be accomplished, but this seemed like the easiest way to us.

answered May 16, 2014 01:30 PM

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