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ODE's Expenditure Amounts by Category report



We encouraged our districts to run the early validation on their USAS data and review the Expenditure Amounts by Category report before they close their fiscal year.

I am getting questions like "What am I looking for on this report?'

The ODE report explanation contains a lot of information but I feel like I need a USAS report to cross check.  I was going to suggest a budsum or a findet.  

What would your suggestion be to a treasurer asking that question?

asked June 11, 2014 10:59 AM


1 Answer

 This is the replacement for the EFM, so follow similar guidelines.   They can look at the summary for reasonableness of the different categories, make sure administration isn’t unreasonably high, things like that.  The CSV file they send back contains all accounts with a column for how it was mapped into the category, so they can do any manipulations they want to this to check how their USAS accounts were mapped into the summary categories.

As far as USAS goes, we do have the expenditure standard category sort/subtotal in BUDSUM and this is being included on their MONTHLYCD.
  We can’t guarantee this matches exactly to what ODE ends up doing, so at this time of the year I personally would use ODE’s reports rather than USAS.  The USAS reports will be helpful to keep an eye on things earlier in the year for next year though, prior to beginning to get the fy 2015 reports back from ODE.

answered June 11, 2014 11:02 AM

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