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Is ACH file from PAYDIR a NACHA file type?


We have had 2 districts now asking us if the ACH file created by the PAYDIR program is a NACHA file type. Apparently Huntington Bank has some changes going on where our users need to know what file type they are submitting.

I thought the ACH file was a NACHA file but can someone please confirm?
asked September 12, 2014 03:25 PM


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     I have had a few districts ask me this, as Huntington said their file is not in NACHA format, and it IS truly in NACHA format.  There have been several reasons my districts have had this issue with Huntington.  In the Jefferson/Harrison/Belmont/Columbiana region our districts converted YEARS ago to the new Huntington format.  Yet, I was surprised that my other districts using them did not convert at the same time.  Seems they are now catching up with the others and one thing I found is that these other branches don't know the true format of what needs to be in the header for their new system.  I got in a debate with a Huntington tech rep when one of my Tuscarawas County districts made the switch and ended up calling my rep for the four counties listed above.  She said I was right, they needed set up just like we did the four other counties and I told my district to tell their bank rep that very thing and told them, as instructed, to call Jill Murphy who was the rep for our region.  I hate to put this out here where everyone can see, but if you want to call her and give her the name and number of the bank rep your districts are working with, you can get this ironed out.  Her number is 330-841-0179.  If maybe you could call her then post what the results are so everyone isn't calling her, that's be great.  I don't want to lose my contact. ;-)

     The other thing is that sometimes, different people do the transfer, either by virtue of cross training, or a new computer, and they have not updated their default Reflections file transfer settings (if that's what your users use) and yet others are not doing as Huntington has asked, which was rename the file to ACHTAP.TXT so it could process.  They sent it as .SEQ and their system can't process that file type.  When mine transfer, I have them rename it on the fly during the transfer itself and that has helped.

     I hope one of these will assist you in resolving the districts issue, because in no case, when a new Huntington Bank customer started their new system, was it ever that the file was not in NACHA format.
answered September 15, 2014 08:17 AM
Carol, I called one of my two districts in Tuscarawas County who just went to the Huntington 'new' direct deposit upload and the issue is that our file IS ALREADY in NACHA format, so they need to REMOVE the mapping Huntington is having them do. That was both their problem. Once they removed the mapping, the file from our system (in NACHA FORMAT) went through just fine and everyone got their money on time. ;-) Valerie
Sep 15, 2014 08:59 AM
Thank you for all of the information Valerie! It would appear that Huntington (at least in our area) has this figured out. One of our districts reported that they tested their direct deposit file on the new platform and it worked fine.
Sep 15, 2014 10:41 AM

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