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What is the latest version of USASDW?


We are running version 1.0-2 and I was wondering if it was the latest.
When I query a budget account and show the account history, I'd like to get the monthly expenditures into a spreadsheet. I can see the monthly expenditures but when I click on Excel, it goes to the Appropriation Account Query. It does the same thing when CSV or Tab-Delimited is clicked.
Can this be fixed?

asked October 10, 2014 03:34 PM


2 Answers

The problem you are describing was fixed in version 1.0-3 released in June 2010.  I confirmed that it works correctly in the current version.  From the change log:

1.0-311-March-2010Patch ReleaseBudget query, CSV/EXCEL options not working after show account history..

It appears you are about 5 years and 4 releases behind in updates.  Jeff is correct that the current version is 2.0-0, released in February 2014.

Following is the full change log for your reference.


Change History

2.0-011-January-2013Major ReleaseAdded ability to search by range of accounts.
2.0-030-October-2012Major ReleaseOld purchase order info was sometimes being displayed when clicking on link from related query.
2.0-022-August-2012Major ReleaseRemoved 'Forgotten your password?' link from login page as it will not work with USASDW.
1.0-529-February-2012Patch ReleaseAccount history not being displayed..
1.0-56-February-2012Patch ReleasePurchase order with invalid vendor not appearing..
1.0-517-January-2012Patch ReleaseREQ summary query returning reqs with no requested po date when entering a date range..
1.0-53-January-2012Patch ReleaseSecurity filters in SSWAT not working as expected..
1.0-53-November-2011Patch ReleaseProblem found with PO delivery address..
1.0-45-April-2011Patch ReleaseUtilities/User Access Listing won't show more then 50 users..
1.0-426-January-2011Patch ReleaseExports not including same fields included in SSWAT.
1.0-328-May-2010Patch ReleaseNullPointerException error when no custom link desc entered.
1.0-311-March-2010Patch ReleaseBudget query, CSV/EXCEL options not working after show account history..
1.0-325-March-2010Patch ReleaseCurrent district disappears from dropdown when changing districts.
1.0-229-September-2009Patch ReleaseFix error when adding new district.
1.0-222-September-2009Patch ReleaseBudget/approp query, add current encumbrances to qeury.
1.0-22-September-2009Patch ReleasePO: add attention/address block.
1.0-220-August-2009Patch ReleaseCorrect problems when displaying description containing nulls..
1.0-125-February-2009Patch ReleaseAdmin/Users: error message when save without first clicking checkmark.
1.0-15-November-2008Patch ReleaseLinks from detail windows not working correctly.
1.0-123-October-2008Patch ReleaseRemove change password option from menu..
1.0-129-August-2008Patch ReleaseVendor search excluding vendors with negative amount.
1.0-120-May-2008Patch ReleaseProblem with links when transaction numbers are zero.
1.0-04-April-2007Major ReleaseUpdated new interface of SSWAT, initial release.
answered October 15, 2014 09:01 AM
Thanks Melissa. We will get it updated!
Oct 15, 2014 10:21 AM

  Looks like the latest... is version 2.0.  Melissa had sent a message out about it... last Feb. of this year.  I don't think there has been a version since.

What you're looking for... may be fixed in it.

Hope this helps.

Jeff C.
answered October 10, 2014 04:10 PM

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