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Retire Hours-UPDCAL


This was taken from an old forum entry dated 4/14/09 (entry 1048)

Good Morning,

I had the following request made by one of my districts today.

"Why was UPDCAL only changed to populate retirement hours for OT pay type?  I probably enter 95% Miscellanous pay types and maybe 5% OT pay types.  Is there any way to include the MIS pay type with the next update?  "

Thank you for your consideration.




The reason for NOT automatically defaulting  RETIRE hours for a MIS pay type by the software is that not all districts pay the units by actual hours worked times their rate of pay.  Some districts enter a unit of 1 with a total payment representing X number of hours.  So, the system, if it were updated, it would default 1 hour to the retire field in this instance.  This would be incorrect and then they would have to tab over and fix it.  Maybe this district doesn't pay MIS that way, but since the software has to be accurate for all users, and a default back to the units would NOT always insure accurate data in the retire hours field, NWOCA chose to leave it blank and force the user to enter the right number of hours.

Hope that helps.
Kim Olson





Edited Apr 29, 2015 02:56 PM
asked November 14, 2014 01:35 PM


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