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Civil Rights Reporting


We have been researching the Civil Rights Report that has been sent to districts.  I know there is the  CRDC report in payroll that provides some of the information that is needed. How are you recommending that the districts get the rest of the information?

How are you recommending that they get the number of first year teachers and second year teachers?  Use Safari and pull the authorized or total year fields?

How about the non-personnel expenditures?  I could not find a civil rights report in USAS.  What are you recommending that your districts do to get this information?

I know that districts have a limited amount of time to get this report done.  I would like to get information to them at our December 5th meeting.

Thanks for your help,

asked November 19, 2014 02:57 PM


4 Answers


I have been looking at the specifications you sent, and believe the easiest/best way to get the non-personnel data will be to start from the 2014H_EXPND_AMT_BY_CAT csv file the district receives from ODE and sort and filter it in Excel.  ODE's file has already done a lot of the work as the expenditure categories already break out most of what they want, and the amounts have also already been allocated out to the school by IRN. 

I would suggest the following as a starting point.  They can then adjust the filters if needed to meet the criteria in the civil rights documentation if it's different for individual districts.

For line 40:
1. First, sort by the RPT-ALLOC-IRN (Column S).  It's important to do this first as Excel doesn't seem to want to subtotal it right if you wait to do this after you enter the filters.  They should be able to apply other sorts as well if they would like, for instance if they want it sorted by the category code or by fund/scc within the IRN to make it easier to check.

2. Then Filter on the following:
    - Include only Category Code (Column L) II.1, II.2, II.3, and II.5
    - Exclude all objects 1xx and 2xx (these are captured on other lines in the CRDC program in USPS)
    - Exclude all 5xx funds except 512 and 532
    - Exclude fund 439 and function 1280 (preschool)
    - Exclude function 123x, 124x, 133x, 1350, 218x (special education)
3. Finally, use the subtotal option to get the total per building
    - Select the entire spreadsheet
    - Select subtotal option and enter the following:
       - subtotal at each change in RPT-ALLOC-IRN
       - Use function sum
       - Add subtotal to: RPT-ALLOC-AMOUNT

For line 44:
1. Sort by the RPT-ALLOC-IRN (Column S)

2. Filter on the following:
    - Include only Category Code (Column L) II.1, II.2, II.3, and II.5
    - Exclude all objects 1xx and 2xx

3. Subtotal the amount by IRN in the same manner as for line 40

Line 40 does have exclusions for programs that serve students from more than one school at a single school site, and expenditures made by regional educational agencies on behalf of schools that I believe districts will need to filter out manually as I don't know a standard way to capture these.  These are both to be included for Line 44.  The district really needs to look at the full 2013-2014 school form on the CRDC website for all the criteria for these lines.  It is Section 2, Part XII, line 40 and 44 from this document that I have covered here.

Let us know how this works out for your districts.  We could still potentially write our own report, but we no longer have the ADM figures available, so we would need an entry screen for this or districts would have to do their own allocations.  Using the spreadsheet also seems to provide better flexibility with some of the other requirements that may vary somewhat from district to district.  With the tight deadline, this at least gives them a way to get the information for this year, and we can then figure out if we need to write something for the 2015-2016 report.

Edited Nov 26, 2014 02:17 PM
clarify non-personnel section
answered November 26, 2014 02:16 PM
I meant to post the website url too: me.aspx Also in case it's not clear, you would be starting over again with the original ODE spreadsheet for each of the lines.
Nov 26, 2014 03:39 PM
Melody, we had looked at whether we could automate this a couple of years ago and at that time determined there was no way we could automate the non-personnel information they were requesting.  I don't recall all the details, but I don't believe USAS coding allowed us to get what they were asking for.  Also, at that time this section of the report was only to be reported if the district had the information available at the school level, which most districts probably do not have.  I have not seen specifications for this year's report though to know if the requirements are still the same.
answered November 20, 2014 08:31 AM

I'm not familiar with what type of information they are asking for but if you just need total expenditures for non-personnel I would recommend a BUDSUM or BUDLED and use the account filters to exclude 1xx and 2xx objects or any other accounts that they do not want included.

answered November 20, 2014 08:01 AM
Hi Melody,

As far as the first and second year teachers as long as the DEMSCN years of experience fields are correct you could pull this information in using Safari.

As far as the non-personnel expenditures I will let our USAS team assist you with this information.

answered November 19, 2014 04:54 PM

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