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Requisition/PO Attention Field



Several of our districts use Edge software to print purchase orders. From Ultimate Edge, districts can email copies of POs to vendors and/or originators. The Attention field of the requisition in USAS is used in the process of emailing the originator. When requisitions and/or POs are created through AUTOPOST (Payroll and BRDDIS), the Attention field is left blank. Would it be possible to enhance the AUTOPOST program to allow the user to enter the Attention field when running the program? Or, has this been taken into consideration for the rewrite?

Edited Jul 24, 2015 01:55 PM
asked May 14, 2015 01:24 PM

I'm not familiar with that functionality of Ultimate Edge. What are they putting in the attention field on the requisition, the email address of the person who created the requisition? And then it emails to that address as well as to the email address on the vendor, I assume? I'm assuming the attention line from the requisition gets converted to the purchase order and the email then gets sent at the time that they print the purchase order, correct? Who is it that they want to email this to for a payroll purchase order (there is no requisition for this) or a BRDDIS requisition? Wouldn't this be just the district business office staff? What are they doing with these emails that makes this beneficial to them? Thanks, Melissa
May 14, 2015 02:45 PM
Thank you for your response, Melissa. Edge leaves it up to the district to decide what they are going to enter in the attention field. It could be a name, a username, an email address, etc. Then, in Edge, they set up a table to tie that text to an email address (or possibly multiple email addresses). The emailing happens during printing of the PO. If the text in the Attention field is an exact match to the text in the originator table in Edge, Edge emails a copy of the PO instead of printing it. If it is not an exact match, the PO will not be emailed and is printed instead. The vendor email option works similarly but is separate, so a district can use both options or just one. For the vendor, though, I believe the email address is tied to the vendor number. The district who requested this was trying to email the payroll and BRDDIS copies back to themselves or another member of the treasurer's office to reduce printing. They are currently modifying the requisitions generated by BRDDIS to add their info to the Attention field before converting to a PO and printing/emailing through Edge, but they asked if there was any other way to do this. Since they cannot modify the Attention field of the PO created by AUTOPOST payroll, they do not have a workaround for this and wondered if an enhancement could be considered. Thanks! Kari
May 14, 2015 03:23 PM

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Kari, this is not the type of enhancement we would make in the classic USAS system at this point as we are only doing critical enhancements and bug fixes.  I'm still not quite clear what they're doing with the emails from Edge that makes this important to them, other than maybe just filing them in an email folder.  I'm wondering if they really need these since they can pull up the purchase order in the system at any time and "print" it.  They could also use the print option from USASWeb and email the PDF file to themselves if they needed it in email for some reason.  

For USAS-R, payroll posting won't require a purchase order.  We haven't written the board distribution part yet, but at this point I am assuming it will post as a requisition as it does now and flow through the normal process. We can discuss this further at that point to determine if there's a better way to handle this.

answered June 3, 2015 03:05 PM

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