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USAS Software enhancements


Had a user request that the USASWeb maximum purchase orders displayed field default be changed from 50 to the max of 250.  Or let the default number be set by the user or district.

They also asked if a field can be added in OPTSCN/USASWeb Prefs. for the User Highest Receipt number, similar to the User Highest PO number.

They realize that these enhancements may be built into USAS-R, and they realize that only essential changes are being made to the current USAS program, but they wanted me to post this anyway since these minor changes would greatly enhance their current day to day processing in USAS which they feel they will be using for quite a while.

asked June 26, 2015 03:40 PM


2 Answers

Thanks for the reply Melissa.  This district is one of our larger ones, and they have their staff using different ranges of receipt numbers for the different types of payments entered as receipts.  One employee uses the district highest receipt number on file from USACON, but the others enter their receipt numbers manually to start the auto-assign process for the session they are in.  If they log out or time out, they then have to remember to enter their own range's starting number again, and they often forget to do that, leading to reversals of the receipts etc.

I don't think they are going to want to change the way they do their receipt numbering when live with USAS-R, so are hoping that if USASWeb won't ever have a highest receipt number by user that USAS-R will.

answered July 15, 2015 12:31 PM
Jason, I think they will find the addition of custom fields to USAS-R will let them capture the different types of payments much more effectively than with receipt numbers. They will be able to create their own "payment type" field and set predefined values the person entering the receipt can select from a dropdown. They could then do queries on that field and sort or filter by it on reports in addition to including it on the reports. Of course they could still do what they're doing now as well, but I think a Custom Field will be a better solution for them. We can work further through the details of what works best for them though once we get the evaluation releases out.
Jul 15, 2015 01:09 PM
Makes sense. Thank you Melissa.
Jul 15, 2015 02:20 PM
Jason, as you stated, we are only making bug fixes and critical enhancements at this time, and changing defaults for a single district does not fall into that category.  And actually adding a user highest receipt number is not a minor change, it is actually quite a significant change to the system.

For USAS-R, they won't need to limit a query in the same way they do in the current USASWeb, so the first request will no longer apply.

For the request for user highest receipt number, can you post any further information on what value they believe they will get from this?   For USAS-R we were actually hoping to move the other direction and go with just district-wide highest numbers.  Due to the expanded query capabilities in USAS-R, we no longer see the benefit in having the user ranges of transaction numbers.

answered July 14, 2015 01:59 PM

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