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This is more for the "VMS-ers" out there. 

As "title" suggests this has to do with OECN$PARMS.TLB.  Forever and a day, we've used it in coordination with central office staff in setting up and running FISCWEB reports (nightly).  I have seen this before (on occasion) all of a sudden - start reporting (in the logs) that there are "No records selected for this report"... but if you go into the system, pull up the report via "Save/recall"... then it runs just fine.  Naturally... this make no sense.  In the past, I believe we chalked it down as some kind of "text library corruption" and maybe had the user, pull the report back up in "Save/Recall" and just Resave it and all was well.  I have a District that is now experiencing this - only on a much wider scale than a few reports here or there.  It's most of them.  I suspect "Text Library" corruption... but I wonder what the "fix" is.  I don't know that there is any... other than a restore of a previously working library... and then going from there.  I did try a "LIBRARY/COMPRESS" giving it 500 module entries and 80 character key lengths (for the report names).

If any one has had previous experience with this... and a correction... I'd sure like to hear it.  This is not a good time a year - for all of a sudden - FISCWEB reports to just "go crazy".

Jeff C.
Edited Jul 24, 2015 01:53 PM
asked June 29, 2015 02:06 PM


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Here's a lesson learned.  Before I started wondering about/blaming the "text library"... it would be best to CHECK the USASDAT/USASEC program... to see if the District's PRODUCTION USERNAME was used as a TEST for account filtering.  It WAS.  Needless to say... once I deleted that from USASDAT/USASEC... all started working just like it always had.

answered July 10, 2015 05:36 PM

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