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We just found an issue where a user went into USPLOAD without changing the import file name and they accidentally reloaded some information into the system that now has to be fixed. Can the program be changed to automatically reset the filename to the default name in the program after they execute the program? Or if there is some other easy to implement option to prevent this type of issue that would be great. That program can be so dangerous if they/we aren't careful.

Also, I believe I mentioned this somewhere already, probably in a ticket. The USPLOAD ATDSCN option is very confusing to us and the users concerning the 'updates existing record' option. With all of the other USPLOAD options this flag is easier to understand because you are either adding a new record or modifying an existing record. When they get to the ATDSCN option they are thinking the same way so if they are adding new transactions to someone's screen they are thinking they do want to update the record, when in fact they really want to add a new transaction. That option needs to be re-worded to make the option more clear for what it will do in the program. We have had several users and even ourselves selecting the wrong option.
asked July 15, 2015 10:30 AM


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Hi Carol,

We will need to see if others are having this same issue with the file name in USPLOAD so we will monitor this for other responses.

As far as the ATDSCN option. I tested this and used 7/15/15 AB SI as my attendance day I wanted to add for an already existing record. I used the Y Update existing records option and the 7/15 AB SI record loaded. I then changed the date on my spreadsheet to 7/16/15. This time I used the N Update existing records option and this ATDSCN record loaded as well. I then tried using the same 7/16/15 record and use the Y and N option and both times I would receive the error message:
0002  Total transactions by date > 1 day                                      ♦
Total rejected ATDSCN records  :      1

Which would make sense because we do not want a record duplicated in ATDSCN.

I then tested this adding a new employee. I can use either option Y or N Update Existing Records and the new employee record is added to ATDSCN.

So can you give us a little more detail of what the district was doing when running USPLOAD for ATDSCN and what problem was caused.

answered July 15, 2015 12:07 PM

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